pls not on site

Why customers don’t want suppliers onsite

Conversations with senior executives recently, confirms a growing awareness that the way business is being done today is closer to a new long-term norm. There is little appetite to revert to the ‘old’ ways. 

Regardless of whether restrictions are in place or relaxed, it seems most businesses do not want suppliers travelling to spend a day on-site.  Right now, teams that travel to give demos, updates, or client workshops must carefully consider if the clients they are planning to visit really want to do business face to face.

In many cases, clients want to reduce in-person meetings to an absolute minimum. They certainly don’t want to spend a full day with vendors or suppliers.  In addition, these same senior executives have investment plans for staff, technology and processes to enable the long-term sustainability.  Yes, you guessed it- these investments are being funded from travel and expense budgets….

Remote communication (while not ideal for every interaction) is the best alternative available.  Take time to plan an agenda that encourages interaction and team discussion via break-out rooms. Remember to utilise all available features such as the virtual whiteboard and polls. Consider including pre-recorded video and vary meeting and discussion tempo and level of intensity. Ensure adequate breaks.

Done right, using technology to communicate remotely, your pitches/demos/scheduled updates/quarterly meetings and client reviews can be more effective and at present, more appropriate.