What’s the link between Public Speaking Stress and Vitamin C?

Picture this, you are approaching the stage to deliver your presentation and you notice how dry your mouth is – it’s parched. A dry mouth is just one of the symptoms associated with Public Speaking Stress, and other symptoms include sweating, increased heart rate and anxiety. A 2019 research study published in the Journal of Physics found that Vitamin C consumed in low doses before a speaking event significantly reduces Public Speaking Stress and the effect of its symptoms. Some of the world’s best sources of Vitamin C are Kakadu Plums, Rose Hips and Chilli Peppers. These sources with very high levels of Vitamin C may not be easily accessible but you can buy Vitamin C supplements in the form of oral spray or tablets and of course, you can top up on fresh oranges. To make your next presentation great, along with your engaging introduction and an easy to recall presentation structure, take some Vitamin C in the lead up to your event.