Talk Big 2020 Public Speaking Training Course Survey

We are pleased to announce the finalisation of the Talk Big 2020 Public Speaking Training Course Survey. Invitations to participate went out to over 200 professionals in the US, UK, Europe and Australia in a range of professions including Software, Technology, Finance, Insurance, Accounting and Management Consulting. We are grateful for a huge 23% response rate and a 97% completion rate- which both exceed industry benchmark response rates by over 30%! Respondents were asked five questions- two multiple choice and three free forms.

Q:  Why do you want to be a better public speaker/ presenter?

  • 63% – the overwhelming majority –  wanted to improve their public speaking/  presenting skills ‘to be better at their current job’
  • 24% of the respondents wanted to ‘advance their careers’
  • 13% want to improve public speaking ‘to change roles’ (internally and externally)

Q:  What do you want to achieve from a Public Speaking/presentations skills course?

  • 54% majority of responses were to learn how to overcome their fear/ anxiety related to public speaking/ presenting
  • 33% – a significant proportion-  wanted to eliminate the need for notes or their reliance on PowerPoint
  • 29% want to learn how to better structure and learn how to make great introductions

Q:  What would being a better presenter/public speaker mean to you?

Responses to this free form question contained several key insights:

  • 72% included references to story-telling with confidence and engaging and connecting with the audience.
  • 51% stated they wanted to manage fear and a desire to show leadership
  • 36% stated they want to be concise and fact-based to inspire audiences

Q: What time of day to do an online public speaking/presentation course?

  • 78% – the vast majority of respondents – opted for early evening courses commencing between 6-7 pm
  • 12% choosing lunchtime
  • 10% early mornings.

Q: Any other comments or suggestions?

    • 21% majority of suggestions focused on how to handle audience questions 
    • 12% said they would like the opportunity to practice their presentations
    • 11% raised we should ensure like-minded professionals are in the same class