Video Prospecting

The Truth About Video Prospecting

If you are a Sales or Marketing leader who needs new clients but find quality leads hard to come by…. you should know the truth about Video Prospecting…

The biggest problem you face right now is getting your team confident and natural on camera, and that’s not the end of the problem- it’s actually worse. Why? Because making a video is so hard! Which means that if your sales teams are selling remotely, they are not reaching enough prospects. Worst of all, some Sales & Marketing leaders still believe if you are a good presenter you can make good videos.

The solution to this problem is The Talk Big® Method. Based on scientific research into how our minds work, the Talk Big® Method provides a framework for your sales teams to communicate their sales messages via video, naturally to connect with their prospects. The result is a professional video message emailed to prospects in minutes.

Key outcomes include:

1) Email opening rates through the roof

2) Huge increase in booked meetings

3) Deals closing faster

4) Rapid results using the Talk Big®Method

4) Sales team hitting their revenue goals

Best of all, you’ll see results from the Talk Big® Method in 2-3 weeks.  The Talk Big®Method is easy to apply, and your teams will see results quickly. So if you want to win new customers and generate more revenue this quarter get in touch with us today to schedule your training.

Virtual Pitch Perfect Program

Nail Your Killer Pitch!

Are you making the transition to Virtual/Remote Selling?

As more business is being done remotely, more customer meetings are being done online. Selling online increases the importance of “what you say” and the Pitch Perfect Program harmonises sales and product specialists (and others in the sales team) into a single “voice”. Program participants learn three proven techniques:

  • How to set clear and meaningful agendas and well-structured presentations and demonstration scripts
  • How to make professional introductions for product experts, establishing their credentials and,
  • How to expertly handle objections and questions.

The Pitch Perfect Program is held over four one hour team sessions and is designed for team members to learn, practice and rehearse their messages and pitch flow as a team. This program yields extremely high close ratios.

Webinar Engagement Program

Transform your online events into must see sessions!

Your technical expertise is outstanding, but your message is not resonating well with customers on Webinars and online meetings…. If this feedback sounds familiar, that’s because it is difficult for technical teams to communicate sophisticated messages online. Our training will focus on how to structure, script, rehearse and moderate your Webinar. We use a proven five-step training and coaching program to improve Webinar presentations, question handling and when needed Webinar facilitation to maximise audience engagement. Book a free 30-minute discussion to find out more.

I have no hesitation recommending the Talk Big Video Prospecting Training. The Sales Reps are much more comfortable using video for prospecting now and many are doing so regularly with more professionalism and effectiveness.

The training was invaluable, what the reps learned has become a big part of our customer outreach activities.  

Surveyed participants, all of whom are seasoned sales professionals, consistently rate Talk Big Video Prospecting Training as either the ‘best training they’ve ever done’ or ‘excellent

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