Leadership Coaching

Elevate Your Stakeholder Communication

Enhance your leadership teams’ ability to articulate your company strategy, mission and performance with a single engaging style to investors, customers and staff. Movement, Gestures, Voice Control, Gravitas, Passion and Personality all combine with Structured Content (eliminating the use of notes) for an Engaging Delivery. CEO level coaching, together with generous amounts of time spent on practice, results in a more cohesive, impressive leadership team. Book a free 30-minute discussion to find out how our expert coaches can help your business.

Investor Presentations

Rethink your Investor Pitch

It’s likely that your Investor Pitch will be one of the most important presentations you will ever make. Talk Big will expertly coach you how to nail it! From content to structure and delivery, we show you how to create the right pitch deck and how to deliver a perfect investor pitch. The Talk Big Method provides you with a proven framework to deliver confident presentations without the need for notes or other aids, giving your presentation more impact and freeing you to focus on connecting with your audience. 

With the right preparation on the key elements of your pitch you will handle questions with poise and in a calm manner, assure your audience of your expertise.

To find out how can help you with investor pitches get in touch with today.

Talk Big has really helped us put some structure around our approach as we have moved from a model of direct face-to-face meetings to this new remote working paradigm.  

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