Customer Stories

Early in 2020 traditional means of networking with our customers was suddenly no longer an option.  Having the opportunity to work with Talk Big proved immensely valuable.  The Webinar Engagement Program, in 5 sessions, enabled our participants to really build week by week on their communication and presentation skills.

Thanks to expert advice and a very well defined methodology, we succeeded to adopt a more professional approach for our webinars which was a new format for us back in the Spring of 2020. 

Aside from the direct benefits for the company and the comms aspects, I should also highlight the benefits for the individual participants from a professional development and career aspect.  My team appreciated this “break” from the operational duties and thrived on the chance to do “something different.” The team have embraced the training and use the techniques they learned as often as they can, even during internal meetings. It was especially appreciated in the context of lockdown to exchange with someone external to leverage their skills and confidence in speaking publicly and communicating in a way that engages with the audience. 

I reached out to Talk Big to get Video Prospecting Training for my Sales Team knowing it would give us a competitive advantage. The training sessions were very effective and the team didn’t need to take a lot of time out of the field.  I’m delighted to say my team were all fired up to produce video content for prospecting immediately afterwards. A BIG thank you to the Talk Big team!

At Texthelp, innovation using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives is what we do. As we grow, we continue to invest in communicating our product benefits to our customers. A significant part of our communication is presenting customers with our unique value proposition over online platforms in webinars and conference calls. We selected Talk Big to train and coach our Product team in webinar presentation and demonstration skills. The Talk Big folks took the time to understand our customers and our offerings and tailored a program to improve our presentation performance. The results have been great. Our webinar engagement index is up 22% and our technical experts are handling customer’s questions with more confidence.

Talk Big has really helped us put some structure around our approach as we have moved from a model of direct face-to-face meetings to this new remote working paradigm.  

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