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As you wait for your Zoom meeting to start, you see your shiny face looking back at you and wonder what’s wrong with the lighting? The lighting is not the problem, neither is the camera; let me tell you something that will surprise you……’s makeup that makes your face super shiny; everyday makeup does not work on camera!

Even when makeup is applied very lightly, the dreaded shine and flare on camera can be very noticeable, giving the wrong impression of stress or anxiety.  Your usual makeup can make you look hot and uncomfortable and turn your complexion into a shiny mess on-camera, but the good news is it is easily fixed.

To look your best on camera, you will need to invest in makeup products formulated to reduce shine and minimise pores. Mattifying products and products with blurring technology are perfect for on-camera as they eliminate these complexion problems. Don’t be put off from trying them even though you might never use them for your everyday makeup; they are only needed to counter light distortion associated with cameras. They normalise the look of your skin on-camera.

These products are so effective at reducing shine and provide a natural look on camera (although maybe not so much in real life). They will make a noticeable difference to your face on-camera, so it is definitely worth switching to these types of products on the days when you know you will be on camera.

It’s counter-intuitive, but your on-camera makeup is less about colour and more about defining your features. Once you have added some definition to eyes, lips and cheeks, the final step is a finishing powder.

The powder is so important, even if you never wear powder, you will need to start using it to finish off your on-camera makeup and eliminate shine. It’s unnecessary to use powder all over your face only on the central part, and only a very light application is needed. Without that shiny, messy complexion, you will feel more confident and create a very professional look.

I have included a link to a brilliant “how to be ready for Zoom meetings in 10 minutes” youtube video by top beauty blogger Nadine Baggott – English Beauty Editor, Journalist and TV presenter.

The video demonstrates how using the right products eliminates the shine on your face. Nadine steps through how she creates a professional-looking makeup that is flattering and focusses on defining your features for a perfect on-camera look with absolutely no shine.   Further information on Nadine Baggott is available at

My go-to products include IT cosmetics BB cream and Beauty Pie powder as detailed in Nadine’s video.

NB: People that suffer from oily/shiny skin and don’t wear makeup can improve their on-camera complexion with a blurring primer product (no colour in the primer) and a very light application of translucent/uberlucent setting powder in the centre of the face to give a soft-focus and mattifying effect to the skin which is ideal for on-camera.

Suitable products include; Erborian Pink Primer and Care/Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder/IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder or Flower Beauty Miracle Matte. I hope you have fun testing new makeup products and finding what works for you!