3 tips to improve your storytelling

We vividly remember our favourite books because we recognise how the book made us feel.

We connected with the characters and their story. As we turn the pages, we are immersed in a narrative brought to life by a fantastic plot.

There are different types of plots – thriller, crime, tragedy, and mystery, to name a few and any style of plot can be used to tell the same story.

Often when we tell business stories, we tend not to have a plot. We simply attempt to deliver a storyline, we miss building characters and context, and we miss the emotion and connection.

We skip developing the plot and then wonder why we haven’t engaged our audience.

Good plot development relies on a structured technique centred on how, why and to who we want to tell our story.

These 3 top tips will make your storytelling better:

✅ Script both the plot and the story using a proven technique. Start with a crisp definition of your audience and their needs.

✅ Rehearse the script to fine-tune the story. Curate the transitions to introduce new characters when there is more than one presenter.

✅ Moderate the storytelling with a structured Q&A handling technique