Talk Big® Method

accelerating B2B growth 


What We Do

We train salespeople how to structure their message to connect with their prospects and grow their pipeline faster. 

We specialise in training leaders, sales teams and senior executives how to structure stories that will connect with their audience.

Using your value proposition, we train you “how to” create scripts, rehearse and deliver the most compelling stories that will connect with your audience. 

Our methodology is proven, repeatable and results driven.

Fix Low Engagement Rates at Your Online Events

Fix Poor Results from Customer Outreach

Nail Your Killer Pitch

Elevate Your Stakeholder Communication

digital sales enablement
growth focused messaging

The Talk Big® Method transforms your on line events into must see sessions!

We use a proven five-step presentation skills training/coaching program to teach you how to: communicate with clarity | make introductions with impact | significantly improve Webinar Engagement and navigate question handling.

The Talk Big® Method elevates investor communication with powerful insights.

Focus your messaging and elevate communication skills through the Executive and Senior Leaders Program. Enhance your leadership teams’ ability to articulate your company strategy, mission and performance with a single engaging style to investors, customers and staff.

What Our Clients Say

Talk Big has worked with our leadership team to help us shape how we think about, conduct and engage our stakeholders through remote meetings, presentations and webinars. Better preparation, better focus and better engagement from participants have been achieved using Talk Big’s repeatable and proven framework.